What is Surrogacy?

A surrogate is a gestational carrier who is willing to help a couple (“intended parents”) whose female partner is unable to carry a pregnancy due to medical reasons. A surrogate may also help a same-sex couple who needs a giving person to help them carry their baby. The surrogate is not the biological mother of the baby she carries and does not share any genetic material related to the couple or the embryo. This may be the case only when the surrogate is a family member of the intended parents. We limit the number of surrogacy cases that we handle to a minimum amount so each one of our surrogate may have the maximum amount of support, time, and attention from our staff.



Surrogate compensation is typically $41,800 and up for first time surrogates. Experienced surrogates’ compensation may be higher. The compensation is distributed to the surrogate at different stages of the pregnancy.

We provide an exceptionally high level of personal service to both the intended parents and surrogates. If you have an existing surrogate or need a surrogate, we provide the necessary services from coordinating psychological screening, medical screening, legal services and support services to the surrogates throughout the their pregnancy. We also provide in-person translating services for intended parents who only speak Spanish or Mandarin.



Options in Conception provides Matching and Coordinating Services. We do not act as medical, legal, or
psychological professionals. All necessary professional services are referred to independent reputable professionals experienced in Third Party Reproduction specialty. Any information provided is based on our general knowledge and experience in the field. We do not provide traditional surrogacy services, which means the surrogate is also the biological mother of the baby.