What is Egg Donation?

Egg Donation is a confidential and private process; a rewarding experience and donors are compensated for their kind efforts ($10,000).  In the event an egg donor lives out of the area, her travel expenses, such as airfare, taxi, car rental, Uber, lodging, per diem and companion airfare, may be covered by the intended parents.  The intended parents do not pay donor’s lost wages and it is understood that the donor’s compensation is for her expenses.  The donors we work with are greatly appreciated because of their selfless contribution to helping others. Most of our past donors have chosen to donate multiple times with us. The reason is due largely in part to the efficiency of the matching process, the manageability of the donation process and the ease and friendliness of working with  our staff.  Choosing to be returning donors has been an easy decision for our donors especially after they’ve weighed the risks and benefits described in their initial consultations.


In order to show our appreciation to our donors for referring their friends or others that may be interested in donating, we offer a referral bonus* to our donors.

*Ask your coordinator for details.